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Book: All children play

Tips with which you can join the game of your visually impaired or blind child.

Cover of the book All Children Play!

Playing together with your child is fun. You have fun, you enjoy together; there is contact. From the very beginning you have contact with your child. Touching, looking, 'talking' and making sounds unnoticed creates a 'question-and-answer game', a subtle interaction: your child makes a sound, you respond by imitating the sound. Your child feels confirmed by this: what I do is fun, they see me, they understand me. Your child also responds to you; it looks at you, listens, laughs, makes movements that make you feel affirmed too.

This is how the attachment, the emotional bond between your child and you grows; the basis for further development. If your child has a visual impairment, the interaction between you and your child, the playful contact, can be less obvious in the beginning. This book provides all kinds of tips with which you can join your child's game and make it even more fun.

Authors: Ans van Eijden, Ellen van den Broek & Paula Sterkenburg

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