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Book: Care with vision

This book offers understanding and help for the care of people with learning problems and intellectual and visual disability.

Cover of the book Care with vision

The authors of this book, all working in the Netherlands, are highly involved in services for these persons with special needs. They gave several courses on the prevalence and consequences of problems in visual functioning in persons with a learning difficulty. Using the 'Step-by-Step' model, this book leads the user from signalling the (visual) problems to helping the client.

Part 1 starts by giving information on the visual disabilities and their influence on behaviour (Chapters 2 and 3). Part 2 focuses on the 'Step-by-Step' model. Chapter 4 is meant to explain the 'Step-by-Step' model. Chapters 5, 6 and 7 show how the 'Step-by-Step' model is used when dealing with complicated problems. Chapter 8 describes how the model can be used to help parents who experience difficulties with the care of their child with learning difficulties.

Furthermore, every chapter provides case studies and, where applicable, DVD-material is added. As the goal of this book is to improve one’s own professional capacities in psychological assessment, exercises are provided throughout the book. When working through Care with Vision on your own it is advisable to stop your reading, to do the appropriate exercise provided, and then to continue. You will find it a practical book, motivating you to participate by doing the exercises and using the DVD-material.

The book can be used for general information, but also by those who want to present courses on visual impairment in people with a learning difficulty. During such courses the book can be used as a training guide.

Year of publication: 2015

Joop Stolk
Trudy Arentz
Paula Sterkenburg

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