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Book: Guided by scent

‘Guided by scent’ is a practical book for professionals in healthcare and education who wish to work purposefully with odours in supporting people with intellectual impairments, deaf-blindness or dementia. Publication is part of the Bartiméus Series/ expertise center Bartimeus.

Cover of the book Guided by scent

In addition to background information, this book offers plenty of practical examples, formats and useful tips. There is also a lot of attention paid to the application of scent in daily practice.

Marian Waanders-Westman (1962) is the owner of Clarent and focuses her training programmes in imaging and communication on professionals who support people with complex and intense support needs. She graduated as a speech therapist in 1984, and underwent postgraduate education to become a trainer, coach and educator.

At the time of publication of this book she is working as a speech therapist at Bartiméus in the Netherlands.

Author: Marian Waanders-Westman

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